How to Use iServiceDesk


When you place a Request for work it is received by the Work Order Administrator through our iService Desk web site. Our Administrator reviews Requests to assure that all pertinent information has been provided. The Request is then forwarded to the appropriate Manager for review.

When a Request is accepted, it becomes a Work Order, assigned a Work Order Number and dispatched to the appropriate trade for action. You will receive an email notifying you of the status of your request. This page can be printed or a folder can be created on your email system in which email responses can be kept. If the Request is rejected, the reason for the rejection is noted and you will receive notification of this through email.

Double right directional arrows are used throughout the system and serve as ENTER keys to process an action, take you to a new page, or display other options. The BACK arrow on your browser will allow you to return to the previous screen.