TMA iServiceDesk (Work Request system)

Do not use this site for Emergencies


Emergency Repair Requests: (812) 877-8425 (Daytime Business Hours M-F 8AM to 5PM)

After Hours Contact: Office of Public Safety (812) 877-8590


Types of Requests

Repair/Maintenance Request - General Maintenance and Repair

New Construction/Equipment Installation Request - Minor office remodels, installation/removal of new/used equipment, installation of utilities, etc. Plant Engineering will schedule a meeting to discuss with the requestor.    

Event Setup Request - Tables, Chairs, Grills, Tents, Etc.

Receiving Request - Provide information on items to be received at Facilities dock

Sign Request - Office and Lab Signs

Vehicle Request - Vehicle Rental (Online Request Form)

Key Request - Request for New Key(s) (Department Head or their Designate Only)

Core Request - Core Change or Repair (Department Head or their Designate Only)

Controlled Access Request - Controlled Access Changes (Department Head or their Designate Only)

Electronic Lock Schedule Change - Electronic Lock Schedule Changes (Department Head or their Designate Only)

Material Request Catalog Search - Material Request Catalog Search

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Facilities Operations is a service organization committed to providing our students, faculty, and staff with the highest quality facilities required to achieve the Institute goals and mission and ensure facility needs are effectively supported at a high level. We hope you will take advantage of all that iServiceDesk has to offer. If you need assistance or are interested in knowing more, please call Facilities Operations at 877-8425.